Diabetics May Not Have Been Told the Whole Truth.

If you have diabetes, you’ll want to listen closely to what I say next.

Look, I know what your doctors have told you.

There’s no cure for diabetes. Take a statin drug. Stay on it for the rest of your life.

After studying with Dr. Lee Dellon of Johns Hopkins University, I understood that this so-called “common wisdom” might be anything but.

I confirmed this opinion after collaborating with Dr. John Cooke, who invited me to work with him at Stanford University.

I asserted that Dr. Dellon’s theory for treating diabetic neuropathy had further and more profound implications.

We knew then that a diabetic’s sugar imbalance could damage peripheral nerves by causing compression in the nerve tunnels. This leads to peripheral neuropathy.

What I suspected, however, is that this sugar imbalance—which almost everyone has these days. We all overeat sugar—it was causing other diseases, as well.

For instance, problems with the hypoglossal nerve connected to the tongue can cause speech delays.

Speech delays are another type of neuropathy.

In some cases, this speech delay equates to symptoms we currently place on the autism scale.

For just a moment, imagine what this means.

Imagine a world where the chief pandemic plaguing humankind isn’t COVID-19 or anything similar.

No, in this particular world, the primary cause of so much human suffering … is sugar.

I’ve studied biology, chemistry, embryology, and other sciences with world leaders.

A number of them concur with me.

They agree that the sugar currently in our diets—in many cases foisted upon us by food conglomerates to make food “taste better”—is harming us worse than we know.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby.

I’ve dedicated my life to this study, and I want to tell you as much about it as you can stand to hear.

Who knows? It might just save your life.