How can compressing a nerve make your whole body sick?

Most people don’t know that our nerves have fluid inside them called axonal plasmid.

You can think of this fluid as water that runs through a garden hose.

And I bet this has happened to you.

When you were a kid playing outside, let’s say in the summer, the hose was turned on, and somebody stepped on it.

What happened?

The water stopped flowing, right?

Then maybe your brother or sister handed you the “dead horse” and said, “Here. Look inside!”

So you did.

Then, they took their foot off the hose.

You got blasted in the face with water!

How can compressing a nerve make your whole body sick?

The same thing happens to the nerve plasmid during the double crush syndrome.

Only this syndrome is caused by sugar.

When sugar gets into our nerves, it tightens their myelin sheathing and swells them up in their tunnels, causing compression.

The result is neuropathy: loss of sensation, along with a host of problems related to that.

If you looked at nerves under 3.5x magnification, as I do while performing surgery wearing a set of loupes, you’d see this clearly as day.

But what happens once you decompress the nerves?

Simple. They return to normal functioning. The water starts flowing again, and health is restored.

The uptick of all this?

Cut sugar out of your diet. Do it now!

And if you’re suffering from any persistent chronic ailment, come talk to me.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby. My goal is to help you live better and longer.