Everyone thinks I am crazy when I say this over and over again.

“Look, viruses are people, too.”

– “What on earth are you saying?!”

This is simple biology in that viruses do not exist to kill us. 

Viruses seek optimal conditions to transfer their genes to progeny.

“Why on earth would they want to lose their house?”

Their “house,” in this case, is your body.

Look viruses are people too!

A virus moves into you and sets up shop, meaning it begins to replicate itself.

Many people do not know a weakened immune system attracts a virus to set up shop in your body.

Anytime your host resistance is down, you become prey for germs, parasites, viruses, bacteria, you name it.

 Sugar can weaken the immune system!

Think back to COVID-19 for a moment. When the virus was at its peak one demographic died in great numbers. People who were overweight had diabetes or heart problems. 

And each of these conditions can be attributed to the abusive intake of sugar.

In fact, in the hospital I am associated with in Scottsdale, Arizona, I would argue that between 94 and 97% of the people who died during the pandemic died from the effects of sugar.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby. I’m the author of the popular book, “Sugar Crush.

If you have a chronic disease that won’t let you go, if you’ve tried everything and been unable to shake it, I hope you’ll consider taking my course, The Urban Carnivore.

We can finally get you off a diet rich in sugar, and back to a place where you can be healthy again.