Modern Diets Filled With Sugar

Diets Filled With Sugar

Your feet might be swelling, a sign of diabetes. Let’s explore this often misunderstood connection.

Diabetes mellitus is the full name for diabetes.

Originating from the Greek term meaning “siphon the sweet,” diabetes has a historical context that is often overlooked.

Interestingly, physicians in the 16th century were known to diagnose diabetes by tasting the urine of their patients.

When the urine tasted sweet, the body was eliminating excess sugars.

Therefore, the diagnosis was diabetes.
It’s a contentious topic today.

Modern Diets Filled With Sugar

Yet, I believe that the prevalence of diabetes is primarily due to the high sugar content in our modern diets.

Research, including mine, has demonstrated that sugar detrimentally affects the body’s nerves.

This, among other consequences, leads to the failure of the body’s natural pumping mechanism.

As a result, fluids are unable to circulate correctly.

In numerous instances, simply eliminating sugar from the diet is all that is necessary.

Repeatedly, I have observed individuals overcoming types of diabetes and prediabetes.

This observation is one of the motivations behind my launch of the new online course, The Urban Carnivore.

In this course, I teach participants how to sidestep these issues and embrace a healthy, enduring, and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Meanwhile, I wish you health and happiness.