Not every neurological problem should be treated with medicine!

I’ll never forget the lecture I attended back around 2000.

It was given by Dr. Lee Dellon of Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Dellon stated that nerve decompression surgery can cure diabetic neuropathy.

This flies in the face of what many neurologists tell you.

Once he finished his lecture, I approached Dr. Dellon and introduced myself.

“You’re a podiatrist? Tell me,” he said. “Why are you doctors still cutting nerves in the foot to solve neuropathy problems?”

“Because that’s what we’ve always done,” I said.

He didn’t accept that answer. Nor did I, once he explained himself.

Dr. Dellon invited me to view his surgical technique at Johns Hopkins.

When the procedure was finished, he touched the patient’s foot—a foot which had previously been lifeless—and she yanked out of his grasp.

That was my Eureka moment, the moment I realized so much of our medical thinking is just plain wrong.

Today, I believe that a diet rich in sugar is responsible for many medical woes.




Chronic inflammation.

Mood swings.

Energy fluctuations.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby. I’m the author of the book “Sugar Crush,” which presents my ideas.

Do you have chronic illnesses that simply won’t go away?

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