Red light can heal your body.

Years ago, I was studying the physiology of blood supply to our nerves.

I got interested in how nitric oxide, a free radical, is produced by the body under certain frequencies of red light.

Curious, I called up Dr. Michael Hamblin of Harvard University.

Apart from being a medical doctor, Hamblin holds a PhD in organic chemistry.

He’s also English, and very well-mannered.

I called him up out of the blue and introduced myself.

We spent about two hours talking about physiology, chemistry, the physics of light, and how all three interact.

Later, Dr. Hamblin came to a seminar I was holding.

We discussed how lasers can be calibrated to very specific wavelengths measured in nanometers—meaning thousandths of a meter.

And how these lasers, when shined on the skin, cause a chemical reaction that makes blood vessels dilate.

This dilation, we agreed, is similar to the dilation caused by nitric oxide.

We called this a relaxing factor, and agreed to study it further because of its potential contributions to human health.

My collaboration with Dr. Hamblin is just one example of the many professional associations I’ve had with brilliant scientists over the course of my career.

These collaborations—with doctors from Harvard, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins University, among others—have led me to conclude that sugar is poison.

It causes far more problems to our health than one might believe.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby.

I wrote the book “Sugar Crush” to explain what I’ve learned and how you can rid yourself of dietary sugars to lead a fuller, more enjoyable life.

If you’re suffering from chronic diseases that you can’t seem to kick, I hope you’ll reach out.

I’d love to learn about your medical history and strategize about how we can get you healthy again