Recently, I returned from the A4M conference in Las Vegas.

A4M stands for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Founded in 1992, A4M is an international organization dedicated to deep research and education into longevity, holistic medicine, and metabolic resistance.

One of the most impressive tools I saw at this year’s A4M was a new wave of red light therapy tools.

Red Light Therapy Can Extend Your Life

See, fifteen years ago, we were using expensive lasers to deliver red light therapy, which in turn led the body to release nitric oxide, which promoted healing.

I had the good fortune of working with Dr. Michael Hamblin of Harvard University, who was a pioneer in this field.

Today, we can get the same healing effect from an array of LEDs, which stand for Light Emitting Diodes.

LEDs are vastly less expensive than lasers.

The frequency of light they produce is almost precisely the same.

In both cases, red light dilates the blood vessels by influencing the endothelium, or the vessels’ lining, to produce nitric oxide.

Once released, nitric oxide reduces any inflammation it comes into contact with.

Which in turn, reduces diseases associated with inflammation of which there are far too many to list.

Red Light Therapy Can Extend Your Life

Here’s the best part:

Some of the devices I saw are available right now through vendors like Amazon.

Just think about that.

You can get this new technology—potentially life-saving technology—delivered to your doorstep with the click of a mouse or a trackpad.

I tell you the new wave of medicine is finally here, and it’s going to be great for all of us.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby.

I’m the author of the celebrated book “Sugar Crush” and my new book “Unglued.”

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