I remember my grandfather well.

He was a bright man who loved his job and loved life.

He was also incredibly healthy.

An avid sportsman, he boxed for the U. Penn team.

And he skied. His specialty was downhill jumps, an unusual sport way back in the early 20th century.

My grandfather used to share his views on nutrition with me.

I remember him telling me over and over, “No sugar! Do not eat sugar!”

He took a lot of his inspiration from the legendary boxer, Archie Moore.

Moore was the longest reigning World Light Heavyweight Champion. He held that title from 1952 to 1962.

And he upheld the same belief I now espouse.

That, from an evolutionary standpoint, human beings are carnivores. Our bodies are made to consume meat.

Therefore, the best way to get into super shape and stay that way is to consume meat, and nothing artificial.

Sugar compresses and damages the body’s peripheral nerves.

This can cause plenty of ailments your doctor may not be able to diagnose, including rashes, headaches, mood and energy swings, fatigue, and gallbladder issues.

Between classes, my grandfather got involved in various building projects, such as homebuilding.

One of his projects even led him to Central America where he worked on the Panama Canal.

Sadly, he never graduated from U. of Penn.

My grandfather contracted Malaria while working abroad and later died from that.