Fruit The Sweet Misconception

Fruit The Sweet Misconception

There are countless weight loss theories out there. Sadly, most don’t hold water.

Discover the sweet misconception of fruit.

One popular myth is incredibly misleading:

“To lose weight, ditch meat for fruits and veggies!”

Let’s set the record straight. Fruit means fructose, which is sugar. And sugar leads to weight gain.

Historically, fruit consumption was a survival tactic. Post-hibernation, our ancestors used it to regain lost weight quickly.

The fruit was beneficial in desperate times, providing fast energy and helping pack pounds when needed.

But long-term fruit consumption wasn’t the plan. Our bodies were built for meat.

Studies of Australopithecus afarensis, a 3.2-million-year-old ancestor, confirm this. They were carnivores, just like us.

I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby, a peripheral nerve surgeon and author of “Sugar Crush.”

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