Rethinking Healthcare Prevention Over Repair

Rethinking Healthcare Prevention Over Repair

Prevention Over Repair

Imagine you’re a mechanic. Your day starts with fixing cars damaged in accidents, which likely satisfies you since it’s your job.

Now, picture being a doctor. You see patients needing medical attention daily. Similarly, treating more patients means more income.

But let’s pause here. I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby, a peripheral nerve surgeon with decades of experience and authorship.

The parallel between mechanics and doctors might seem odd. Yet, it highlights a crucial point: both professions thrive on fixing problems, not preventing them.

However, this doesn’t mean we should accept it as the only way. Especially in healthcare, where prevention could save more than costs—it could save lives.

Many diseases today stem from our lifestyle choices. Contrary to popular belief, not all conditions require medication or surgery. Often, better nutrition and more exercise are the keys.

At, I advocate for a shift towards preventative health. One of the significant steps? Cutting out sugar.

Especially for those with diabetes, this advice could be transformative. My Urban Carnivore course is designed to show how impactful these changes can be.

So, why is this shift necessary? It’s simple. By adopting a preventative mindset, we can work towards a healthier future for everyone.

Diabetes Can Cause Heart Trouble

Diabetes Can Cause Heart Trouble

Boy, oh boy. Where to start?

I shake my head when my patients tell me this.

First of all, no one can “catch” diabetes. It isn’t a virus. It isn’t a germ.

Secondly, you didn’t “catch” diabetes from your heart attack, and it’s the other way around.

Diabetics have some of the highest correlations with heart disease in the medical world.

These patients were probably pre-diabetic in a medical sense for years, but they just never knew it.

That’s what challenged their hearts and led to the heart attack.

Once they got into the hospital, doctors ran some tests and discovered their chemistry was diabetic.

Hence, the misapprehension that the heart attack caused diabetes.

Diabetes Can Cause Heart Trouble

But there’s a way out of this.

The simple fact is that most of our modern diets are made up of processed foods.

Processed foods are sugar-enriched to “heighten” their taste.

They also have most of their nutrients stripped right out of them through processes like bleaching.

It’s time to abandon this madness and get back to the kind of diets our bodies were engineered to thrive!

Urban Carnivore is a diet rich in meats and leafy green vegetables.

Practically everything else should be cut out.

Try it and see how it works for you.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby. I’m one of the world’s foremost peripheral nerve surgeons.

Also the author of the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed book, “Sugar Crush.

You can listen to my corresponding podcast, “Sugar Crush,” which offers a wide range of new and exciting breakthroughs in medical technology.

My mission is to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life.

To that end, I invite you to check my new online course, The Urban Carnivore, at my website:

Here’s to your health and well-being.

Prehistoric Lifestyle: Eat More Meat

Prehistoric Lifestyle: Eat More Meat

I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby, a leading peripheral nerve surgeon, health advocate, and author of the book “Sugar Crush.”

One of my most significant stances is that the food industry has lied to us.

It wants us to eat tons of sugar, which I know for a fact causes terrible diseases.

When instead, we should be eating the way our prehistoric ancestors ate.

In other words, we should eat plenty of meat and leafy green vegetables.

People always tell me, “But meat’s too expensive to eat!”

Is it?

I recently went to my market here in Scottsdale, Arizona, and bought a one-pound filet of good beef.

Which cost me about $34.

I took it home and cooked half the filet for the one meal I have every day.

Only half. And I didn’t even finish that half.

I ate the rest the following day with two eggs.

The total cost of my food for that day? I’d say about $10.

Prehistoric Lifestyle: Eat More Meat

And here’s the trick: my cholesterol levels are acceptable, my triglycerides are significant, and I’m getting my vitamins.

What I’m not getting is … drum roll, please … sugar.

Pound after pound of nerve-corroding, fat-inducing sugar.

I talk about the biochemistry behind this phenomenon at length in my new online course, Urban Carnivore.

You can find that course on my website,

My goal in offering this course is to get you as healthy as possible.

To live longer while enjoying happier days.

What you hear me say might shock you because it defies how you’ve been taught.

But give it a try, and I think you’ll see that it makes all the difference in your physical and mental well-being.


Eat Like A Urban Carnivore

Eat Like A Urban Carnivore

I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby, a leading peripheral nerve surgeon, health advocate, and author of the critically acclaimed book Sugar Crush.

For the past more than 50 years, I’ve treated diabetic patients.

It’s often been my sad duty to amputate toes, feet, and legs as their disease progresses.

I remember once, I had a patient walk into my office in terrible shape.

He weighed 300 pounds, and his Body Mass Index was way over 30, which meant he was technically obese.

We were going over his health profile.

“How’s your diet?” I asked.

“Pretty good,” he said. “I don’t eat a lot of red meat.”

He said this proudly.

I just shook my head.

Because what he didn’t know—and what you might not know—is that a lot of the research that promotes the theory that red meat is terrible for us …

… is funded by Big Agriculture and Big Pharma.

Both institutions have vested interests in keeping you away from healthy foods.

The truth is that we are descended from ancestors whose bodies were built to consume proteins.

They were NOT built to consume ridiculous quantities of sugar, such as those found in carbohydrates …

Grains, fruits, vegetables, and all the other so-called “essential” foods listed on the modern “food pyramid.”

If you want to get healthy, alleviate chronic disease, and lead the longest, happiest life possible, I advocate eating like an urban carnivore.

You can learn more about my theories and research at

Once you stop eating sugar, you’ll probably find—as so many of my students and followers do—that the world opens up to you.

You feel better than you have in years.

And why? Because you cut sugar out of your diet and eat like you were made to.

A Cure With Zero Side Effects

Recently, a patient of mine told me she was putting one of her parents on a new medication for Alzheimer’s disease.

However, before she even mentioned the medication, I was deeply underwhelmed. 

A Cure With Zero Side Effects

The medication in question represents the pinnacle of decades’ worth of research and comes with a host of potentially drastic side effects.

Yet, this new medication only delivers up to a ten percent reduction in the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

I was particularly offended to read about this medication when I knew very well that a much better cure already exists for Alzheimer’s and plenty of other diseases.

A Cure With Zero Side Effects

A few of us who have experimented with it understand that this simple cure can treat dozens, if not hundreds, of diseases.

It has zero side effects—you read that right, zero side effects. And what is this cure, you ask?

Stem cells

My new book, “Unglued,” covers the subject of stem cells extensively.

Dr. Richard Jacoby is known as one of the world’s most accomplished peripheral nerve surgeons.

I aim to help you live a longer, happier, healthier life than you once dreamed possible.  So, please. Visit my website: