What Causes Diabetes?

What Causes Diabetes?

In my view, the cause of diabetes is painfully simple.The cause is sugar, and my research bears this out.
There’s just too much sugar in our diets these days.

Everything we eat processed has the nutrients stripped out, and sugar becomes the replacement.

We should consume meat and leafy green vegetables.

What Causes Diabetes?

In addition, you will notice astonishing health changes once you revert to what many people today see as a relatively spartan diet of meat and leafy green vegetables.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby. I’m a podiatrist and one of the foremost peripheral nerve surgeons in the world.

My book—indeed my entire life’s work—explores how sugar has taken over our diets.
I’ve seen that it’s time to immediately cut sugar from our diets!

What is more important, especially true for people whose bodies are epigenetically prone to express insulin insecurities.
The results can be deadly when coupled with the massive sugar in our modern diet.

Furthermore, there’s hope!

I hope you’ll check out the course.

Again, it’s called The Urban Carnivore, and you can find it on my website, drjacoby.academy.

Here’s to your health and well-being.

How My Interest In Stem Cells Began

Years ago, after opening the Wound Care Center at a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona, I had an epiphany moment.

How My Interest In Stem Cells Began

A nurse came limping by. She was wearing an air cast on one of her feet.

When I asked her what was wrong, she said she had tendonitis in her Achilles tendon.

Most people know that tendonitis is an acute inflammation of a tendon.

Tendonosis occurs when this inflammation becomes chronic.

I asked this nurse how long she’d been wearing her air cast. She told me: “A year and a half.”

“And that still hasn’t fixed it?” I said.

She shook her head. Moreover, she confided in me that she feared that she might lose her job because the cast was making it hard for her to stay mobile.

As it happened, I had access to stem cells through a company I was working with.

I asked this nurse if she’d be up for trying a procedure where I injected her inflamed Achilles tendon with stem cells made from amniotic fluid.

She agreed, and I gave her the injection. “Come by tomorrow,” I said. “I just want to check and see how you’re doing.”

She wasn’t limping when she came into my office the next day. Nor was she wearing her cast.

I was amazed when she said she felt no pain in her leg. “Should I still wear the cast?” she asked.

“Hmm? Yes,” I said. “To be safe, come back in two weeks, and we’ll see how you’re doing.”

She came back in two weeks and reported that nothing had changed. She was cured.

That’s when my interest in stem cells began.

My name is Dr. Richard Jacoby.

I’m known as one of the world’s most accomplished peripheral nerve surgeons.

I’m also the author of the celebrated book “Sugar Crush” and my new book “Unglued.”

In my online course, Urban Carnivore, I teach practical life hacks like stem cell healing and other alternative healing techniques.

If you’re interested, stop by my website at www.drjacoby.academy.

I aim to help you live a longer, happier, healthier life than you once dreamed possible.