Discover Stem Cells Healing Benefits


People often ask me, “What’s a stem cell?”

I like to explain it like this.

In Spanish, stem cells are called Cellulose Madres: “Mother Cells.”

When we’re born, two stem cells—sperm and egg—unite to make a fetus.

The average human reaches total growth at around age 20. At that point, their bodies are chock full of stem cells.

 Discover Stem Cells Healing Benefits

However, their number starts to decline until age 50, when most people have lost up to 90% of their stem cells.

When you get to my age—I’m in my 80s—you hardly have any stem cells left.

You can still enhance these cells through proper lifestyle and various therapies.

What role do stem cells play in our healing?

About 20 years ago, I had the rare opportunity to work with Dr. John Cooke at Stanford University.

Dr. Cooke has since moved to Baylor University, where he heads the stem cell research division.

Dr. Cooke is an internationally renowned scientist.

He believes humans could easily live to 120 if we took simple measures to maintain our stem cell count.

One of those measures is cutting out sugar from our diets.

 Discover Stem Cells Healing Benefits

Our bodies were never designed to process the massive amounts of sugar most people ingest.

Sugar causes inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation causes disease.

Read my book “Sugar Crush.” It explains all this.

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