Healthy Living Beyond Diets

Healthy Living Beyond Diets

Hi there, I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby. I focus on promoting healthy living. The holiday season just ended. It’s a time when our choices significantly affect our health and happiness.

Indulging is accessible during the holidays.

We’ve all attended parties filled with sweets and drinks. It feels great at the moment but leads to regret.

Yet, there’s a healthier way to celebrate. It doesn’t involve jumping from diet to diet.

I saw this at a pickleball party in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event wasn’t about the food. It was about moving, laughing, and enjoying.

We had low-carb foods, but the game was the main draw. Pickleball is fun and straightforward, and it attracts people of all ages.

This taught me a valuable lesson. Our mindset dramatically influences our health and lifestyle choices. Pickleball shows us that fun activities can guide us to better eating habits.

So, what do holidays mean to you? Are they an excuse to abandon health goals or a chance to celebrate life healthily?

If you prefer the latter, let’s rethink our health approach together. It’s not about quick fixes or fads. It’s about choosing activities and foods that truly nourish us.

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Remember, dieting isn’t the key to lasting health. It’s about prioritizing what’s truly important. Let’s embark on this journey to a happier, healthier life together. What’s the point if we do not live better?