Rethinking Healthcare Prevention Over Repair

Rethinking Healthcare Prevention Over Repair

Prevention Over Repair

Imagine you’re a mechanic. Your day starts with fixing cars damaged in accidents, which likely satisfies you since it’s your job.

Now, picture being a doctor. You see patients needing medical attention daily. Similarly, treating more patients means more income.

But let’s pause here. I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby, a peripheral nerve surgeon with decades of experience and authorship.

The parallel between mechanics and doctors might seem odd. Yet, it highlights a crucial point: both professions thrive on fixing problems, not preventing them.

However, this doesn’t mean we should accept it as the only way. Especially in healthcare, where prevention could save more than costs—it could save lives.

Many diseases today stem from our lifestyle choices. Contrary to popular belief, not all conditions require medication or surgery. Often, better nutrition and more exercise are the keys.

At, I advocate for a shift towards preventative health. One of the significant steps? Cutting out sugar.

Especially for those with diabetes, this advice could be transformative. My Urban Carnivore course is designed to show how impactful these changes can be.

So, why is this shift necessary? It’s simple. By adopting a preventative mindset, we can work towards a healthier future for everyone.