I’m Dr. Richard Jacoby, the author of “Sugar Crush.

What the heck does “Sugar Crush” mean?

It’s how sugar is a poison that causes many terrible diseases that people assume derive from alternative sources.

I have shown how sugar damages our bodies’ peripheral nerves through research.

The original title of this book was The Nerve of It.

My editor nixed the idea.

“Come up with something better,” she said.

What the heck does “Sugar Crush” mean?

I got the name “Sugar Crush” from researchers A. R. Upton and A. J. McComas, who published a seminal article called “The Double Crush in Nerve Entrapment Syndromes.”

Upton and McComas were researching carpal tunnel syndrome.

They noticed that when they did surgeries on the brachial plexus of the neck, their patients’ carpal tunnel syndrome went away.

And vice versa. How could that be?

Eventually, they determined that there was a double mechanical crush, a link between compression of the brachial plexus and carpal tunnel disease.

Cure one, and the other goes away. Upton and McComas also noticed that a good portion of their patients were diabetics.

They began to wonder if that could be related to what was causing the crush in the first place. 

Both began to think that maybe sugar was the culprit, which is precisely my conclusion! 

So, my new title, “Sugar Crush,” was an homage to these two researchers.

It was also the reader’s first exposure to the conclusion of my research.

Consuming too much sugar places mechanical pressure on the nerves, and this pressure can create diseases.

The means of relief? That’s simple. Stop eating sugar!