Diabetes Can Cause Heart Trouble

Diabetes Can Cause Heart Trouble

Boy, oh boy. Where to start?

I shake my head when my patients tell me this.

First of all, no one can “catch” diabetes. It isn’t a virus. It isn’t a germ.

Secondly, you didn’t “catch” diabetes from your heart attack, and it’s the other way around.

Diabetics have some of the highest correlations with heart disease in the medical world.

These patients were probably pre-diabetic in a medical sense for years, but they just never knew it.

That’s what challenged their hearts and led to the heart attack.

Once they got into the hospital, doctors ran some tests and discovered their chemistry was diabetic.

Hence, the misapprehension that the heart attack caused diabetes.

Diabetes Can Cause Heart Trouble

But there’s a way out of this.

The simple fact is that most of our modern diets are made up of processed foods.

Processed foods are sugar-enriched to “heighten” their taste.

They also have most of their nutrients stripped right out of them through processes like bleaching.

It’s time to abandon this madness and get back to the kind of diets our bodies were engineered to thrive!

Urban Carnivore is a diet rich in meats and leafy green vegetables.

Practically everything else should be cut out.

Try it and see how it works for you.

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